Lehigh Valley Chess Association

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List of Books

Lehigh Valley Chess Club Chess Book Library (books available as of 9/12/2012)

Borrowing regulations:

Any book available can be borrowed for 2 weeks with a initial deposit of $10 and can be renewed for additional 2 weeks.  $1 late fee for each week overdue will be charged. Lost books will result in a penalty.
The lender will forfeit the deposit amount of $10 and this amount will be offset against the cost of the book plus shipping and handling. 

Please contact Mr. Jie Zhang at the club for borrowing the books.

1.  Modern Chess Strategy [Paperback]  by Edward Lasker, third edition, tartan books(9)

2.  Winning With 1 E4 A Complete Opening System [Paperback] by Andrew Soltis

3.  The Amateur's Mind: Turning Chess Misconceptions into Chess Mastery, 2nd Ed.  
      [Paperback] by Jeremy Silman

4.  The Middlegame - Book I : Static Features (Algebraic Edition) (Bk. 1) [Paperback] by
      Max Euwe

5.  The Art Of Sacrifice In Chess [Paperback]  by Rudolf Spielmann, Dec 1972 edition, 
      tartan books(28)

6.  The Sicilian Defense [Paperback]  by Eduard Gufeld, Dec 1983 edition

7.  Chess Informant 52, 1991 [Paperback]

8.  Winning with the Sicilian Defense [Paperback]  by Jeremy Silman, Rev 2nd edition

9.  Starting Chess with Internet Links [Paperback]  by Usborne (6 – copies)

10. How To Play Good Opening Moves  [Paperback]  by Edmar Mednis, 1982

11. Black Defensive System For The Rest Of Your Chess Career  [Paperback]  by Andrew
      Soltis, Revised 2nd Edition

12. The Middle Game In Chess  [Paperback]  by Eugene A. Znosko-Borovsky

13. The World’s Greatest Chess Games [Paperback]  by Graham Burgess

14. Best Lessons Of A Chess Coach [Paperback]  by Sunil Weeramantry

15. Essential Chess Endings Explained Move By Move [Paperback]  by Jeremy Silman

16. How To Reassess Your Chess, 3rd Edition [Paperback]  by Jeremy Silman

17. Unorthodox Openings [Paperback]  by Joel Benjamin

18. Winning With The Grunfeld [Paperback]  by Andras Adorjan

19. Mastering the Chess Openings [Paperback]  by John Grefe

20. What’s The Best Move [Paperback]  by Larry Evans

21. The Usborne Guide to Playing Chess [Paperback]  by Usborne

22. Winning Chess Strategies [Paperback]  by Yasser Seirawan

23. Play Winning Chess[Paperback]  by Yasser Seirawan

24. Chess Exam and Training Guide [Paperback]  by Igor Khmelnitsky

25. Chess Exam and Training Guide: Tactics [Paperback]  by Igor Khmelnitsky

26. How to Play the Reti [Paperback]  by Eric Shiller

The Alekhine for the Tournament Player [Paperback]  by Lev Albert & Eric Shiller

28. Chess Training For Budding Champions [Paperback]  by Jesper Hall

29. Batsford Chess Openings [Paperback]  by Gary Kasparov

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